Laminate Flooring

A nice alternative to hardwood flooring, laminate is much more durable and costs less. Laminate is commonly referred to as Pergo, which is a brand name. Other brands include Quickstep, Armstrong, & Mannington to name a few offered by Joseph's Flooring. Available in a multitude of styles, colors, and patterns, laminate is great choice for your home. The 4 basic components that are bonded together to make a laminate floor are:

  1. The backer board
  2. A moisture resistant core
  3. Surface layer with the printed design
  4. A finish (usually aluminum oxide)

The look of laminate has certainly improved over the years. The industry had to do something in order to compete with hardwood and ceramic tile. Rather than the standard 8” wide by 4' long board. You've also got stone patterns, random length boards with eased edges that make the floor look even more like hardwood, and also hand scrapped (distressed look). This is a “floating” floor (not fastened down). Therefore you can install it over concrete, vinyl, wood sub floor, hardwood, and other existing floors. (except carpet)