Carpet Fibers & Styles

3 Basic Types of Fibers

  1. Olefin- A synthetic fiber from petroleum derivatives.  Olefin is also know as polypropylene.  Extremely durable fiber that has superior stain resistance.  Its primary use is in commercial carpeting.
  2. Polyester- A synthetic fiber.  A durable fiber with bulk, soft hand, superior stain resistance and brilliant coloration.
  3. Nylon- The main fiber used in the carpet industry.  Approximately 75% of all carpet is manufactured with nylon.  It is a synthetic fiber.  Its advantages include resiliency, cleanablity, and abrasion resistance.

Cut & Loop (Random Sheared)

  • Distinctive carved appearance
  • Cut & loops give a variety of surface levels
  • Multi-colors helps hide stains, and traffic
  • Fits a variety of room settings



  • Textured surface helps hide footprints
  • Extremely durable, and long wearing
  • Great for active rooms

Level Loop

  • Loops are all the same height
  • Usually made with olefin fiber
  • Casual appearance, but extremely durable
  • Great for active family rooms, or basements

Multi-Level Loop

  • Several different levels of loops
  • Creates a unique looking pattern effect
  • Has a casual appearance
  • Very durable, hides traffic well


  • Smooth, soft cut-pile surface
  • Versatile in performance & in appearance
  • Works well with traditional rooms
  • Used a lot in formal areas

Velvet / Plush Texture

  • Fine, tip sheared surface
  • Elegant style, very formal